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About Us | SK Cleaning Services

We are a cleaning services provider who caters to your basic requirements concerning the cleaning of your home so that it looks clean from all angles.

SK Cleaning Services mainly focuses on cleaning rugs, floors, air ducts, upholstery, tiles and grouts etc. It has a specialized team which is skilled enough to provide you with excellent services. Once availed you will be completely gratified as SK Cleaning services gives personal attention to your products and treat them as its own.

SK Cleaning Services understands your doubts and worries and hence is available and accessible to you all the time. Not only helps you make your home look neat and beautiful but also cares about the hygiene and health of your family.

SK Cleaning services are technologically updated and give the best quality and service to its customers at a reasonable price and thus gives you a fresh experience with your old things.

Sk Cleaning Services
Sk Cleaning Services

Services we Offer:

SK Carpet Cleaning exclusive range of cleaning solutions ensures that we cover every aspect of cleaning your property, from your carpets and drapes to your tiles, windows and your furniture. Our team of experienced cleaning professionals know exactly how to treat your various fabrics for the best possible result -remember, our aim is your satisfaction!

  • Carpet Cleaning Melbourne
  • Curtain Cleaning Melbourne
  • Upholstery Cleaning Melbourne
  • Tile and Grout Cleaning Melbourne
  • Mattress Cleaning Melbourne
  • Floors Cleaning Melbourne
  • Duct System Cleaning Melbourne
  • Flood damage restoration services