Carpet Cleaning Solution Melbourne

All SK Cleaning Services Melbourne carpet cleaning solutions undergo numerous tests that aimed at ensuring that the product will be able to completely remove any kind of stubborn stain on any carpet.  In most cases the evaluation of the efficacy of the cleaning solution is performed by use of the Gray Scale, which is universally approved for testing any cleaning solution for staining. It is rated along three levels and done by autonomous and highly trained technicians.
Furthermore the Re-soiling tests are done by application of synthetic soil over to the well cleaned carpet sample. For the purposes of efficacy, the resultant differential soil levels between that of the cleaned sample and that one of the control sample are rated methodically by highly trained technicians.
The in-tank cleaning solution is also subjected to efficacy testing basing on the product’s potential to extract soil and in the process improve the look of the entire carpet. The disparities in the soil levels between that of the cleaned sample with that of the control are keenly rated using scientific instruments and an inference drawn by a professional panel of very independent technicians basing on the Gray Scale universally used for color change. The resultant rate of resoiling has its evaluation done by applying the cleaning product to a standardized carpet sample and then synthetic soil is applied in accordance with the testing protocol the varying soil level between cleaned sample and control is analyzed by trained technicians.