5 Reasons Why Professional Tile And Grout Cleaning Is Important?

Tile and Grout become dirty, dull and mouldy over the tile. Regular DIY tile and grout cleaning equipments can not extract mould, dust and airborne particles from your floor grout lines. Our professional heavy duty truck mounted grout cleaning equipment use Hot water extraction method to get rid of stubborn stains and dirt from your […]

How Tile and Grout Sealing Benefits

Sealing your tile and grouts will prolong the life your floor surface. There are many benefits of sealing your floor. We use nano tech tile and grout sealing. Add protection layer on your grout surface Keep Dust and mould out of the grouts Refresh look of your tile surface Keeps your tile and grouts to […]

Steps to a Professional Air Duct Cleaning

We first inspect the ducts and bring in advanced cleaning equipment for exception results. The ducts are vacuumed to remove solid particles.. We clean all duct parts including coils, air handling units, and fan hoses. We check for any faults and sanitize the ducts to make them absolutely hygienic. Duct System Pre Inspection Vacuum inside […]

Carpet cleaning – Eject Odour & Smelly Carpet and Protect Health

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An investment in carpet cleaning is likewise an interest in the health and prosperity of your family. Unclean floor carpetings can harbor various health dangers, which can have genuine health outcomes for individuals from your family, particularly in the event that you have more youthful youngsters or powerless grown-ups in your family unit. Much of […]

5 Ways How Duct Cleaning Benefits You

Ducted Cleaning Melbourne

Air duct cleaning refers to the removal of dust and debris from the ducts that circulate the air to every room of your house several times a day. It is the same air that your family breathes and fills your living environment. So, you should want a clean and contamination free air for you and […]

5 Things to Keep In Mind While Cleaning Upholstery At Home

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Upholstery cleaning is a major undertaking that not only makes it clean and beautiful but also extends their lifespan immensely. Regular dusting, vacuuming and semi-annual deep cleaning can help make your upholstery look attractive and fantastic. But there are things that should be kept in mind while cleaning your costly upholstery, so as to protect […]

5 Little Things That Can Add Years to the Life of Your Carpet

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Carpets are a long term investment. This is perhaps why it is essential to make sure that your carpets enjoy a long life, and remain new forever. Here are a few tried and tested ways which would surely boost the lifespan of your carpets. Check out. Regularly vacuum your carpet Make it a point to […]

Tile and Grout Cleaner Melbourne

Tile and Grout Cleaning Abbotsford   SK tile & grout cleaning services has team of experts at cleaning your floor tiles and grout in Abbotsford. Call now on 1300284115 for same day tile cleaning 30% discount on all types of tile and grout cleaning for limited time A sealer as an overlay on tiles and […]

Why Professional Duct Cleaning is Important?

There are many DIY duct cleaning methods using normal vacuum cleaner. DIY duct cleaning can not clean 100% Duct works and still dust coming out from the ducts. These customer end up calling professional duct cleaning companies. At SK Duct Cleaning Services we got heavy duty duct cleaning equipment and can your ducts back to […]