How to Remove Blood Stains on the Carpet?

Blood on the carpet? Get in action fast. Delay can be dangerous. Okay, dangerous is a quite heavy word, but it’s to intimate you about how painful the blood stain removal from carpet can be. That’s why is better to act immediately when the blood stain is still fresh on the carpet. If the blood […]

How to Deep Clean your Carpet?

How to Deep Clean Your Carpet?

If you want Professional Carpet Vacuum Cleaner, there should be few reasons. Either you have a dirty carpet or you just want to clean it in both cases, the process would be the same. By deep cleaning your carpet would become as new and free from dirt and debris. Carpet cleaning should be done regularly […]

How to Keep Clean Your Carpet?

How to Keep Clean Your Carpet

Maintaining cleanliness in the carpet is collective prevention, which is meant to be done for developing good hygiene standards. Cleaning the carpet regularly is a secret for a nice fresh carpet. Also, follow some do’s and don’ts to prevent the carpet from getting dirty or smelly. Besides this, accidents are inevitable. You know, something you […]

How to Deep Clean Carpet?

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Clean and fresh smelling carpets gives good look to the home.  It is not that only professional cleaning gives you effective results but, even simple homemade solutions give you expected results when you follow the carpet cleaning instructions carefully. Deep cleaning a carpet is very easy by adopting wet or dry cleaning method. Anyhow, vacuuming […]

A Guide to Prolong Your Mattress Life

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From prevention to mattress cleaning, little more maintenance can help you to make a long way for your mattress to be in good shape for many coming years. Once a person has invested in good quality mattresses, there are chances you would expect it to provide a comfortable sleep for many upcoming years. The average […]

How To Clean Nail Polish From The Carpet

How To Clean Nail Polish From The Carpet

Nail polish is something which every girl loves wearing. While it is a great way to enhance the look of your hands, applying it requires you to be a lot more careful. It becomes even messy when you accidentally spill it over. It is easy to remove nail polish from certain surfaces but spilling it […]

How To Remove Carpet Stains Using An Iron

How To Remove Carpet Stains Using An Iron

While iron is used to smoothen out the clothes, its function is not limited to ironing only. It can also be used to clean the carpets. If you are thinking of organizing a party at home but have got new carpets quite recently. You need not worry.Be it dark juice, candle wax or even wine, […]

Carpet Steam Cleaning Checklist

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Carpet enhances the elegance and beauty of rooms of our house or cabins of our office. It is our duty to keep carpets clean and tidy. A dirty and filthy looking carpet spoils the ambiance of a room. A dirty carpet homes dust mites, allergens and several other microorganisms which can make us fall allergic. […]

How to Make Rugs Last Longer?

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Are you one of those who likes to splurge on rugs? Well, undoubtedly, trendy rugs provide a quick definition to your house. However, most rugs do not last long, and thus, you need to invest in them quite too often. Not to worry, following are some ways which can make the rugs last longer: Get […]

5 Little Things That Can Add Years to the Life of Your Carpet

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Carpets are a long term investment. This is perhaps why it is essential to make sure that your carpets enjoy a long life, and remain new forever. Here are a few tried and tested 5 Little Things That Can Add Years to the Life of Your Carpet which would surely boost the lifespan of your […]