Duct Cleaning Somers

Air Duct Cleaning Somers

Duct Cleaning Somers provide specialised in All Kinds of air duct heater cleaning, evaporative cooler cleaning, air conditioner cleaning, Heating & Cooling Cleaning, domestic & commercial duct system cleaning, duct sanitising & deodorising, clean duct air & no more bad smell guaranteed from your ducts. Call 1300 284 115 or contact online to book same day best duct cleaner.

  • Inspect all Duct work pipes, return vent motor etc.
  • Power On all the ducts to find if there is any Duct Air blockage.
  • Pet Odour removal services.
  • Find out reason why if there is bad odor or smell in the house
  • Our Professional Duct cleaner clean all the duct vents
  • Ceiling or Floor duct cleaning including cleaning all vents and pipes
  • Removal of any dead rodent cause of blockage of air duct flow and bad odor & smell
  • Repair of Duct if duct pipes or broken or leaked
  • Duct Unit Serviced if required, please note duct cleaning price does not include unit servicing.
  • Return Duct Vent Cleaning
  • Duct Sensitising & Deodorising
  • Carbon Oxide testing to determine if your duct unit need servicing, if your duct unit not serviced in last 1-2 years.
  • SK Duct Cleaning Somers would strongly recommend to get your duct unit serviced urgently.
  • Duct Repair Somers, service and Cleaning
  • Duct Deodorizing & Sensitizing
  • Final Duct Inspection by the home owner

Heater Duct Cleaning Somers

Our Local Heater Duct Cleaners are available across Somers including eastern suburb, western suburbs, northern suburbs and southern suburbs for professional duct system cleaning services.

  1. Highly Trained Duct Cleaners.
  2. Certified & Qualified Technicians.
  3. Same Day Ducted Heating Cleaning Service.
  4. Fast & Effective Duct Cleaners.

Duct Cleaning Somers

Professional Duct Cleaning Somers

Need Duct cleaning? Hire the professional SK Duct Cleaning Somers. Air ducted cooling cleaning & unit repair services expert. Over 10 years experience in evaporative duct cleaning, Air Conditioner cleaning and duct system services in Somers. Free Carbon Monoxide testing with our deluxe duct cleaning service.

  • Save on Electricity Bills.
  • Will help in eliminating offensive odors.
  • Our service will reduce the growth of mold and fungi in the duct.
  • Improve indoor air duct quality.
  • Helps in saving energy.
  • We use advanced equipment which produces amazing results.
  • We offers 100% guarantee on all kinds works.

Duct Cleaning Somers

Specialised in All Kinds of Duct Heater Cleaning

Our Duct Cleaners are specialised in all kinds of Duct Heater Cleaning

  • Duct cleaning and Odors Removal – Call us for the quote as we might need to repair your duct to remove dead rodent or possum to fix cause of the smell.
  • Duct return air vent duct cleaning will not be included in the the standard duct cleaning service.
  • Deluxe Duct Cleaning – Please call use for the quote to discuss various options.
  • Carbon Monoxide testing -15% Special offer only if you get duct cleaning services through us.
  • Heating & Cooling Duct Heating Unit Servicing
  • SK Duct plumber expert at identifying the ductwork that has damaged and replace only the part of ductwork or pipes that needs replacement.
  • We use tea tree oil for the duct sensitizing, duct sensitising & deodorising included only with deluxe duct cleaning service.
  • Duct & Exhaust Cleaning
  • Duct Unit Installation.
  • Fully Insured Duct Cleaning Company .
  • Cooling & Heating Duct System fix & Installation.
  • Duted heater unit servicing & carbon monoxide testing specialist.
  • Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Across Somers
  • HVAC Ventilation System Cleaning
  • Air Conditioner Coil Cleaning Somers wide
  • Exhaust Duct Cleaning
  • HVAC Duct Cleaning
  • Coil Duct Cleaning

Duct Cleaning Somers

Duct Deodorising and Duct Sanitisation Services in Somers

SK Duct Cleaning provide Duct Deodorising and Duct Sanitisation Services in Somers. We have been in business for the past 10 years providing customers with a professional service, trusted air conditioner duct cleaning service. Our ducted heating, duct servicing team is fully accredited, trained and professional. Stay warm & take fresh air breathe this winter by choosing Somers’s number 1 ducted heating cleaning service provider.

  • Air Conditioning & Heating Duct Cleaning
  • Coil Duct Cleaning
  • Kitchen Filter Banks Rebuilds.
  • Kitchen Exhaust System Cleaning.
  • Range Hood Duct Cleaning.
  • Duct Carbon Monoxide Testing.
  • Heater Unit Servicing.
  • Duct Retain Pipes Repair & Replacement.
  • Domestic Duct Cleaning


Cheap Reliable Heating Duct Cleaning Somers

We provide cheap, reliable and same day heating duct cleaning services. Currently running Special limited period only, get 6 Professional Ducted Air Conditioner & Evaporative Cooler Cleaning  including sanitising & deodorising. Comprehensive duct cleaning & free inspection to all the pipes and provide duct repair services if required.
Visit our ducted heating cleaning deal page to know more about current duct cleaning deals.

Heating Duct Cleaning Somers

Why Professional Duct Cleaning is Important?

  1. Household spent most of their time inside and 60% of all the diseases are caused by bacteria infected polluted indoor duct air
  2. As per the Somers based university Studies most of the air quality problems involve the HVAC system
  3. Non cleaned central air duct system can cause asthma especially to Children and the elderly
  4. Approximately 50,000 Somers residents suffer from allergies
  5. Additional 10% Central Air Conditioner Duct Cleaning offer for Seniors

For all your Ducted Heating & Evaporative Cooler Cleaning across Somers, Call 1300 284 115 for same day duct cleaning or duct repair, Somers based local company. needs in Somers, We can guarantee the quality service and affordable rates.Call now 1300 284 115 for Ducted Heating & Evaporative Cooler Cleaning Somers.

SK Duct Cleaning New Winter Services Includes :

  1. Evaporative Duct Cooling Unit Service & Cleaning
  2. Split System Cooling Unit Servicing & Cleaing
  3. Cooling Unit Servicing & Cleaning
Duct Cleaning Services Somers
Duct Cleaning Services Somers

We Clean All Kinds of Ducts

We Clean All Kinds of Ducts including ceiling & floor duct systems in Somers.we offers duct cleaning services from last 10 years business was originally started with local suburbs and then we started Professional Duct cleaning business in 2005 we provide services in every Suburb across Victoria and our rates are cheap.

Duct Cleaning Somers
Visit us for special prices for Ducted Heating & Evaporative Cooler Cleaning across Somers

Same Day Duct Cleaning Somers

  1. Air Conditioner Duct Cleaning
  2. Ducted Heating Cleaning Systems
  3. Ducted Heating Cleaning
  4. Commercial Duct Cleaning
  5. Air Duct Cleaning
  6. Vents Duct Cleaning
  7. AC Duct Cleaning
  8. Residential Duct Cleaning
  9. House Duct Cleaning

Duct Cleaning Somers

Quality Duct Cleaning Somers

We can ensure you that after you get our duct cleaned, duct blockage will be no longer be a problem. Air flow will significantly improve after our deluxe Duct Cleaning Somers, feel the fresh duct air every corner of your home. After ducted heating cleaning you home temperature will get increased very quickly. Obviously, lot more saving on electricity bills.

Duct Unit Servicing by certified plumber.

Our professional plumber will examine the duct cleaning unit by carbon monoxide testing, we recommend that duct unit must require servicing within 2 years. We perform duct unit servicing as part of duct cleaning job.

10 Years of Duct Cleaning Services in Somers

SK Cleaning Services Somers Pty Ltd begin servicing Duct Cleaning across Somers in 2005, this year we are celebrating 10th anniversary of our ducted heating cleaning business. Thanks for our customers for hiring, recommending and liking us on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and on other social Media sites.
Please leave us feedback here and Call Mark for 24 X 7 for the central duct cleaning service.

Duct Cleaning Somers

Our team Somers based team follow high standard process includes cleaning the duct systems return and supply air ducts and registers,
wash cooling and heating all components such as coils, all type of fan hoses as well as air handling unit housing and other remaining duct parts.


SK Duct Cleaning Somers services has got experienced and professional team that will regularly clean your air duct system improving the overall quality of the air your family breathes. This habitual cleaning of your systems will enhance the efficiency of the cooling and heating systems thus minimizing your energy bills.

Why Ducted Heating Cleaning is Important?

  1. Cleaned ducts prevent the growth of mould, also removing the ones that are already there.
  2. Duct cleaning reduce diseases and allergies that are caused by bacteria and fungus.
  3. Clean Duct System prevents of fires that are brought about by blockages, because of build up of dust, debris and dirt.
  4. SK Duct Cleanig Services Somers will eventually help you to save on energy bills.
  5. Our quality duct cleaning expert removes contaminants such as carbon particles, dust and pollen. These pollutants can cause an extreme reaction for asthmatic people.
  6. Cleaning the air ducts also removes smells that are caused by cigarettes and cooking.
  7. Eradicate skin flakes that micro-bites and hair feed and grow on bacteria.
  8. Eradication of small rodents such as mice, birds, rats and their nests.
  9. By cleaning your air ducts system less dust will get on to your furniture. If they are clogged with large amounts of debris and dust they might be released into the air from the supply registers.
  10. Eradicate living, dead and breeding insects from the air ducts. Some of these insects include dust mites, mosquitoes, fleas, spiders and cockroaches.

Duct Cleaning Somers

Benefits of Ducted Heating Cleaning


According to the Australian Department of Energy , 27% to 45% of the energy used for central ducted heating or cooling is wasted because of air flow blocked by the contaminants, dead rodents stuck inside your the duct cause cause the air flow to decrease significantly.As a result, more energy used in producing cooling or heating. SO it become mandatory to regularly clean your duct. Cost of the duct cleaning most likely covered by saving on your electricity bill.

  1. Prevent bacteria and fungus growth
  2. Protect from bacterial infections and other diseases.
  3. Down on energy bills
  4. Prevent allergies like asthma
  5. Removes foul smell.21
  6. Prevent fire that may be caused by dust and debris blockages.
  7. Removal of skin flakes and bacteria growth.
  8. Leaves no scope for small rodents
  9. Removes living, dead and breeding insects from the air ducts.

 We Clean All Kind of Ducts in Somers

We Clean All Kind of Ducts in Somers. Are you aware that a dirty duct system in your home can increase health risks for your family? The duct system when used, releases contaminants and thus several bacteria, fungi, moulds or other microbes can be found there if the duct is not cleaned timely. This can cause various infections, unhealthy environment and can also increase allergies as in case of asthma.

Reviews of quality and guaranteed Duct Cleaning work

Professional Carpet Cleaning

duct cleaning
5 5 1
SK Cleaning Cleaning Services, we received utmost high quality carpet steam cleaning service. Very very professional carpet cleaner. We would love to hire them in future and will love to recommend them for carpet cleaning services.

Amazing Ducted Heating Cleaning Service

Duct Cleaning
5 5 1
We are 100% satisfied with Ducted Heating Cleaning Service done by SK Cleaning Services on Sunday. After duct cleaning air flow has significantly improved and bad air duct smell has gone. Also as per advised from the duct cleaner, duct cleaning will also helps in minimising the elecricity bill as we don't have to turn our AC Duct on full. We would like to rate this company as 5 star in duct heating and cooling repair and cleaning. Thanks, George.

Total Duct Cleaning

Duct Cleaning
5 5 1
SK Cleaning offers a total duct cleaning service. When the cleaners arrived at my home, they took out almost every part of the ducted heating system and cleaned it thoroughly. I was surprised to notice the increase in airflow once they were finished. I am totally happy with your cleaners.

Watch Following Duct Cleaner’s Video for more information

Location: Somers, VIC, Australia

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