End of Lease Carpet Cleaning Melbourne

At SK Cleaning Services Melbourne, it is a noticeable fact property and Real Estate Agents tell you of the need to have all the carpets subjected to steam-cleaning at the time when your tenancy runs out and you move out.  Some people in the legal fraternity opine that there is no legal provision compelling you to have all the carpets steam-cleaned.  In the tenancy Act, you are asked to leave your property in a substantially similar condition to the one you found the house in at the beginning of your tenancy.  The Act is very silent on who is needed to do the cleaning work or how they need to do it.  In case the tenant can be able to return the carpet back to substantially the same initial condition by way of vacuuming where stain removers are used, or by hiring a professional steam-cleaning company, then in our qualified opinion they have expressly complied with the set legislation.
By and large, the Civil & Administrative Tribunal (ACT) stipulates that you, as a tenant, need to pay for all the carpet cleaning work in case you actually signed that in the lease contract that you will indeed have all the carpets in the house under your occupation cleaned by the time when you will be moving out, especially in the event that the carpets has been steam-cleaned way before you eventually moved in.  In such circumstances, your landlord or real estate agent ought to produce a receipt to prove that the carpets were actually professionally cleaned prior to your occupation of the house. SK Cleaning Services Melbourne is ready to serve you.