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What is the best way to maintain tiles?

Simple dry sweeping is best for floors to prevent soiling on daily basis.

What if my question has not been answered here?

We have tried to cover numerous aspects of mattress cleaning here, however if you still don’t find an answer to your question then please give us a call on 1300284115. Our customer executives are more than happy to clear your doubts and provide you whatever information you need.

What kind of Cleaning Chemicals do you Use for Mattress Cleaning?

SK cleaning believes in saving the environment for the coming generations. We love our environment and make sure that none of our cleaning products or cleaning methods have any harmful effects on the environment. Therefore, we make use of only biodegradable ingredients to produce strong cleaning solutions. All our cleaning agents are chemical free and leave no carbon foot prints on the environment. However, they are very strong on the stains and yet mild on your products. This way we provide you the best of mattress cleaning with no side effects on either your product or the environment.

Can you do duct repairs too?

Yes we do duct repairs too. SK Cleaning is a one stop solution for all your duct cleaning requirements. From duct cleaning to duct repairs – we have expertise in all. If there is some problem in your ducts and you need repairing then our expert and experienced cleaners can do the job for you at a minimal cost. We have experience of over a decade and that backs our skills. Call us for a free quote for any of your duct related service. You can also buy duct parts from our shop. We provide them at reasonable prices.

Can you provide carpet steam cleaning on public holidays?

Yes, we do work on weekends as well at SK Cleaning Services Melbourne. You can avail our exceptional carpet steam cleaning on public holidays and weekends too. We give you the freedom to choose our cleaning services whenever you have the time! Call us for a wonderful carpet steam cleaning service now!

Can you clean leather couches? Is there any additional expense?

We specialize in leather upholstery cleaning – be it normal cleaning, stain removal or odor removal, we do it all at SK Cleaning Melbourne. We have exclusive cleaning solutions and methods for leather upholstery that takes care of your expensive stuff without doing any damage to the leather. Our 10 years of experience has trained us to handle leather couches with much confidence.
You do not need to pay an additional cost for leather couches just because it is leather! At SK Cleaning, we endeavor to provide you rock bottom prices of unbeatable cleaning services.

Can you offer budget carpet dry cleaning?

Yes, SK Cleaning offers carpet dry cleaning at affordable prices. In fact, you will find that our prices are rock-bottom as compared to the ones offered by other service providers in Melbourne. You can even compare our prices. Also, we do not have any hidden costs or any additional charges, so what we quote is what you need to give. Call us for free quotation on 1300284115. Our executives will offer you the best possible price for your specific requirements.

Can you do anything about Odor in my Upholstery?

SK Cleaning Melbourne is a well-established cleaning company that specializes in providing complete cleaning solutions for your home. From cleaning, repairing, stain removal to odor removal we do it all. We have exclusive solutions and cleaning methods for upholstery odor removal. When you call us, you just need to tell us your problems and rest assured they all will be taken care of. Our certified cleaners have the latest technology and methodology to provide you the best! With SK Cleaning, no odor is strong enough to stay any longer with your upholstery.

The upholstery is fading color; can you restore its color?

Yes, SK Cleaning has expertise in restoring quality, color and appearance of your upholstery through its exclusively designed cleaning methods. Our cleaning methods involve usage of ultra modern technology, latest techniques, and biodegradable cleaning solutions that are harmless for your family and environment. We have restored multifarious upholstery items of numerous clients in Melbourne; some of them were being considered for replacement. So give it a try before you decide to replace your upholstery and we will try to inject a new life to it!

My white couch has urine smell; can you help?

Yes, it is one of our fortes at SK Cleaning. Removing urine smell and stains is what our cleaners are trained to do. And they have got experienced of doing the same for over a decade. So if your pet or kid has spoiled your rich upholstery then you do not have to worry. Just give us a call on 1300284115 and our expert, skilled cleaners will take care of the same without much difficulty. You can be sure that once we are done with the job, you won’t even have a tint of smell left behind. All you have is fresh and clean looking white couch!

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What kind of services do you provide?
From cleaning carpets, upholstery, vehicles, windows or even floors, we provide pick and drop facility too. We also send our train staff to your places.

I am worried about my belongings and also letting strangers into my home?
We have a trained and specialised staff only to help you clean your home. It is a trustworthy team and you can visit us and get the security check and all your queries sorted out. SK Cleaning Services is always available for you.

Will there be any harm to my product?
SK Cleaning Services uses all efficient and harmless ways to treat your products with personal attention with an aim to remove stains and make them absolutely clean.

What if the services are not satisfactory?
SK Cleaning staff takes care of every product and the team makes sure that it infuse new life in the products. If it has not been done, SK Cleaning will redo the work free of cost, quality assured.

Do you have reasonable rates?
We provide the best quality service at competitive rates to all customers so that they get the value for money.

Best Carpet Cleaner in Victoria

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Expert Carpet Steam Cleaning Service and affordable prices. After Carpet Cleaning we duct SK Cleaning services for cleaning central duct cleaning service. Really happy and work is awesome for both duct & carpet cleaning service.Always use SK cleaners

Excellent Grout Re-coloring

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Last week we were thinking of replacing our grouts as they were totally stained and the color had faded very badly. With the same thought in mind, we called SK Cleaning Services Melbourne that sent their technicians on the same day. They suggested us to go for grout re-coloring instead of replacement, which was far cheaper. We are glad to have agreed to their suggestion. The floor looks amazing and the grouts absolutely bright with their new color. Thanks for an honest and genuine service.

Great Service.

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Mark arranged for Sam and his colleague to visit my mother's house promptly. They arrived ahead of time, which was appreciated. They cleaned and sanitised her heating ducts and filters with a friendly, thorough and clean service. Will always recommend them.
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