Get Rid of Wet Carpets and Fungi

Get Rid of Wet Carpets and Fungi

Don’t you just feel like throwing up or desensitizing your nostrils as you walk into your apartment that has been closed for a few hours and a foul smell hits you?It is because you didn’t get the time to dry up the wet carpet that got drenched because of an overflowing kitchen drain before you left. Wet carpets do not take long to develop a foul odour that lingers on for weeks or even months and it gets worse with time. You JUST can’t ignore a wet carpet and expect to live a peaceful life and therefore you need a reliable carpet cleaner in Melbourne to help you with your wet carpets. Whereby the internet is full of DIYs but dealing with such a problem will most probably result in damaging your favourite and expensive carpet.

Get Rid of Wet Carpets and Fungi
Get Rid of Wet Carpets and Fungi

Why do Damp Carpets Smell So Bad?

The wet carpets can be an aftermath of a number of things including kitchen or toilet overflows, heavy rain or flooding, or leaking pipes etc. These wet carpets can be a nightmare if they are glued and can’t be removed. But why do these carpets smell so bad? It is not the water that is your real enemy but the “mold” which is a type of fungus and grows exponentially in presence of humidity. Not only this mold smells ridiculous but it is indeed the reason behind most allergic reactions when airborne. While this fungus is microscopic and can’t be noticed unless it builds colonies, its growth can be restricted by taking adequate measures.

Getting Rid of the Dampness and the Related Problems

This fungus (mold) can create a number of problems such as rashes and breathing problem. So ought to be careful while dealing with it. What can you do to get rid of it? The easiest way is to consult a professional carpet cleaner who can identify the problem and provide appropriate solutions to deal with it.

How Mould can be Dangerous to you and your Carpets?

When moulds start getting accumulated on the carpet fibres a dirty odour begins to circulate into the air. And inhaling these moulds can lead to breathing problems and touching them can cause skin infections as well. A great number of moulds on the carpet can damage the carpet fibres as well. Therefore, we should not let their growth develop on the carpet and call experts to get rid of them.

Team of Professionals in Melbourne

Our team of experts is well equipped with the latest machinery including carpet suction pumps and professional carpet vacuums to cater to all sorts of residential and industrial carpet problems including fungus infestation, bad odour, stubborn stains, burns or discoloration. What you can do is take small initiatives like ensuring ventilation in areas with more humidity and fixing leakages before you call the experts. Just do not let a wet carpet dry on its own, especially a wall to wall one.

Our carpet cleaning service is available 24/7 to deal with your carpet emergencies such as water damage, flood damage, or sewage damage. Wet carpets need immediate treatment. You can easily get a quote by contacting us on 0433 790 364 or request the team for inspection of your problem. Our team will provide you a list of best possible alternatives that are affordable and long lasting. Not only that but our team also makes sure to use the best industrial standards while ensuring the safety of your family, children and pets and causing least disruption to your day to day routine.

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