How to Deep Clean Carpet?

Clean and fresh smelling carpets gives good look to the home.  It is not that only professional cleaning gives you effective results but, even simple homemade solutions give you expected results when you follow the carpet cleaning instructions carefully. Deep cleaning a carpet is very easy by adopting wet or dry cleaning method. Anyhow, vacuuming is the good start for cleaning any type of carpet. Use carpet cleaners which will scrub the dirt by using solution and water. If you don’t have time to get carpet dry, follow dry cleaning method which doesn’t need drying just vacuuming is enough. Here, You can aware about How to Deep Clean Carpet by itself.

How to Deep Clean Carpet
Carpet Cleaning Service

Before you start cleaning the carpet, pick up anything that lies on the carpet. If you have kids or pets, there will a lot of stuff that they play with. All the stuff will be laying on the floor such as toys, shoes, papers and other things. Clear everything such as visible debris from the carpet and dispose of it away.  Try to move as much as possible furniture from the room, such as couches, tables, stands etc. If there is any large furniture that you cannot move, just set it aside. And keep wooden blocks under the legs of the furniture to prevent it from the water.

Vacuum the Surface to Remove Dirt and Dust Particles

Start with vacuuming the surface. Vacuuming will completely remove the dust and dirt from the carpet which will give you as much as possible deep clean. After vacuuming, treat the stubborn stain as the stain cleaning is very important to get a deep cleaning. Completely check the carpet if there are any stubborn stains apply some Carpet Cleaning solution on it and blot it with a clean towel. Before blotting, leave it for 5 to 10 minutes to soak and absorb it with a clean towel. Do not scrub the stain because it will further go deeper into the fabric and causes deep stain which is very difficult to clean.  Once you finish stain cleaning, check the entire floor once especially the corners and areas which are covered with furniture.

Stain Clean the Carpet

After checking the corners and area cover under furniture definitely, you will find stain and soiled area. It is very important to remove that stains before cleaning the carpet. Use the same Best Carpet Repair Services in Melbourne on the soiled and stained area. And leave it for 20 minutes. These are very stubborn as you left these for weeks and months without cleaning. Blot the stain with a damp cloth and clean it properly.  If stain cleaning solution is not available just use the shaving cream to treat the stains. Spray the cream, leave it for twenty minutes and blot the stain with a clean towel. Once the stains are cleared your carpet is cleaned well, use clean water and sponge to blot up. Excess moisture and dry your carpet in proper ventilation.

Carpet Stain Removal Service
Carpet Stain Removal Service

How to Prepare a Stain Cleaning Solution?

Prepare your own Stain Carpet Cleaning solution by mixing ¼ cup of salt, ¼ cup of borax and ¼ cup of vinegar. Make a thick paste of all these ingredients and apply the paste on the stains and leave it until it gets dry. If borax is not available use baking soda in the place of borax.

Hiring the Professionals

Get the professionals for the deep cleaning process as the process gets tough. Deep cleaning requires to be done in a more precise way as any type of mishaps in the work will directly affect its fabrics and colour. The professional’s team of Best Carpet Cleaning in Melbourne working with Sk Cleaning Services are a viable option. They are a team of highly trained and experienced professionals so the services will be of high standards.

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