How To Prevent Water Carpet Damage

Residential property and casualty insurance generally includes a “water damage” component that covers the damage caused by water accidentally. However, carpet damaged by water is also an insured asset, and should be replaced. However, contracts make a difference between “water damage Restoration” and flood! Thus, the infiltrations and leaks of liquids in your home are covered by the warranty “water damage”; on the other hand, a flood following a natural event such as the overflow of a watercourse, will be by the guarantee “natural disasters”.

How To Prevent Water Carpet Damage
How To Prevent Water Carpet Damage

Among the most common causes of water damage on carpets are leaking pipes due to aging (rust) or frost, overflows from washing machines or dishwashers, water infiltration through the roof and the platforms, the overflow of clogged gutters as well as the omissions and negligence (overflows following a tap left open for example).

With a little attention and regular maintenance, this damage can easily be avoided. It’s worth remembering a number of easy-to-take preventative measures to prevent you from getting into the water soon.

In general, buildings are particularly sensitive to water damage due to runoff from one floor to another; on the other hand, farm buildings are generally less vulnerable to this type of damage than other types of buildings.

Precautions to Take

  • Prevent the infiltration of rainwater into your home.
  • Never leave your home by leaving an open window and especially a roof window when there is the slightest risk of rain.
  • Make sure the facades are in good condition, repair the cracks through which the rain could seep.
  • Regularly monitor the condition of your roof, especially after a storm or high winds.
  • During heavy rains, check in your eaves that there is no water infiltration.
  • Check the condition of your gutters and cornices as well as the downspouts.
  • Clean your gutters regularly, especially during a fall of dead leaves and clear the bottom of the pipes.

Prevent Frost Damage

Wet Dry Carpet Melbourne
Wet Dry Carpet Melbourne
  • Insulate or drain water lines exposed to frost in good time, especially those leading to a water source in an outside wall or garden, as well as washing machines installed in unheated rooms.
  • When a house is unoccupied for several days during the winter (beware of schools and closed crèches or students who drop their kot at Christmas or after the January session!). Drain the water and central heating systems unless you are careful to maintain a temperature sufficient to prevent freezing.
  • Be aware that if the ambient temperature is too low, paraffin may form in the heating oil lines, causing the installation to stop and more severe damage.
  • Make a check as soon as you get cold, not to mention the unoccupied parts of the building (attic, garage, shed).

General precautionary measures

Regularly check the condition of the water pipes to quickly detect early leakage. Know that a leak that “dries” represents 4 liters of water per hour which is nearly 700 liters after a week!

Check the color of the water: If the first water coming out of a faucet after a period of non-use is yellow or brownish, there is cause for concern. This may be a sign that the pipe is rusting inside. Without intervention, eventually, rust will pierce the pipe.

  • Monitor the tightness of joints around showers and tubs to prevent water ingress during use.
  • Worry about damp stains on walls and ceilings: this could indicate that a flush pipe is leaking.
  • Prefer washing machines and dishwashers equipped with an anti-overflow device and do not operate them in your absence. Check regularly that the filters are not clogged.
  • Make a habit of cutting water off your home when you are away for several days.

Your Home Insurance Generally Supports

Water Damage Carpet Cleaning Services
Water Damage Carpet Cleaning Services
  • The costs of safeguarding which are those incurred quickly by the insured in order to avoid a loss or to limit the consequences.
  • The damage caused by the action of the me rule whose development is consecutive to a water damage insured.

Usually not covered by home insurance:

> The repair of the devices which are at the origin of the disaster (washing machine defective, boiler destroyed by the frost.

> The repair of the roofs and terraces through which the water infiltration took place; in some cases, damage resulting from lack of maintenance or prevention. Guarantees may vary from one contract to another. Consult your contract for the exact coverage.

It should be noted that a growing number of insurance companies are going to meet policyholders facing such disasters and offer them assistance services, called “in kind”, taking care of urgent carpet repairs for your damaged carpets.

Professional carpet cleaning services:-

Professional carpet cleaning services
Professional carpet cleaning services

Damage to the carpet can result from a number of factors. While water damage can lead to bacterial growth, stains too are equally dangerous. One way to take care of the problem is professional carpet cleaning services. SK Cleaning Services is a leading company in carpet cleaning services. We make use of advances and high power dryers to make your carpets completely dry. Moreover, we are available 24*7 to cater to your needs. This means that you can get in touch with us anytime ,even on weekends and public holidays. Our cleaners are hard worming and hold international certifications.

We give you 100% quality assurance and satisfaction guarantee. Making your carpets completely safe and clean becomes our responsibility once you confirm your order. We do everything to improve the look of your carpets in best possible manner. You do not have to worry about insurance, when you have us by your side.

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