Steps For Dry Cleaning The Carpet At Home.

Carpet Dry Cleaning

Carpet cleaning is a difficult task, it demands patience and hard work because the cleaning work involves a lot of things in a single time. Nevertheless, carpet cleaning is a kind of task which demands a lot of manpower and takes time to get done completely If you’re considering steam cleaning for a complete clean […]

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What are the health issues caused by Carpet Water Damage?

Carpet Water Damage

Flooding of the water inside your home can cause severe water damage to your belongings and infrastructure. Water flooding can compromise the condition of your furniture, upholstery and carpets. Carpet water damage itself is a big headache to deal with. Wet carpets can harbour many germs and mould which can greatly impact your health and […]

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Myths about cleaning the carpet?

Myths about carpet cleaning

Carpet cleaning is kind of a work which is necessary every month, else our expensive carpet would get dirty and unhygienic. As a professional carpet cleaner, we’re used to listening to all the myths from our clients in our day to day work. You may find carpet cleaning difficult. Given below some tips about the […]

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