Terms and Conditions

We suggest our customer that before booking any services of SK Cleaning services, read the terms and conditions carefully. By using our website you’re agreeing to the terms and conditions of our services. We request our customers to understand the terms and conditions carefully in case of any confusion, you can always contact us. Our 24/7 helpline numbers are available for you.

Terms and Conditions
Terms and Conditions


In case of cancelling the booking or making any changes, a prior notice is necessary. However, there are no charges applied for cancelling the book before one working day. The customer is required to inform SK cleaning services about the cancellation before one working day of scheduled appointment of the service. Failing which can lead to a fine of $95, while any changes in the booking can be made anytime before the scheduled appointment. Extra charges may be applied, as per the alterations.


Our customers can make the booking from anywhere, our 24/7 helpline numbers are always available for bookings, the customer can also make the booking through e-mail mentioned on the website.

At the time of booking the customer is needed to tell the details of their credit/debit card details. The payment should be confirmed by the customer for proceeding the booking.

The customer must provide extra details about any extra work or risks. So, that our team would come prepared. Failing which may cause a delay in work and extra charges.

Quotation and pricing.

The prices of each service mentioned in the quotation are all prepared by SK cleaning services.
The mentioned prices can be changed anytime, we hold the right to change it. We suggest our customers check quotation prices before booking and stay up to date. The payment must be done in advance at the time of booking. In case, the particular item turned out different in size, we can change the price which was discussed during the time of booking.

Tile and Grout.

For tile cleaning, the prices are quoted per square meter. A fee for setting up a steam cleaning machine is also charged.


For mattress cleaning, the prices are quoted as per the size.  Such as Single mattress, double mattress, king size mattress and emperor mattress.


For carpet, the prices are quoted as per room or square feet.


The factor for duct cleaning is as per the quantity of the duct cleaning work, size of the premises and ducts, material from which the duct is made of, residential or commercial project, the condition of the duct.

For upholstery Cleaning, the charges are applicable for per item.

The prices include for the machinery, labour and cleaning products.


The customer has to pay the full quoted price after the completion of the work. The booking shall be considered confirmed before the one day of scheduled booked service date.

We accept the payment in cash or credit card. The customer has to authorise the payment of SK Cleaning Services after the work.