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SK Cleaning Services
We make your home clean and hygienic

The furniture and upholstery is the most decorative and useful part of our house. These items of furniture and upholstery due to their fabric and location attract most of the dust, dirt and human body oil. You can notice the damage done by dirt,dust in various parts of the upholstery by comparing the most used areas of your upholstery with the less used area or by softly brushing the fabric with some water and some soap or shampoo

SK Cleaning Services
We use environmental friendly products to clean your house

Our Upholstery Cleaning Jolimont team members specialize in cleaning all types of upholstery by either using steam or dry cleaning methods. We can clean fabrics such as cotton and tapestry effectively without damage or discolour. We can remove any stain which cannot removed at home, our team use special type of cleaning products which removes every stain no matter how old it is. After cleaning your sofas ,couches and any other leather product, we apply special polish to regain its natural color and make them look like new ones.

SK Cleaning Services
Our Experts Remove Every Stain

The chemicals in our products are user-friendly, so the non-toxic application means its safe straight away for your family and pets. These chemicals keep your upholstery safe from any discolour or any other damage. Our team is professionally trained to do their job so we give 100% customer satisfaction.

SK Upholstery Cleaning Jolimont. Call now for a free quote 1300284115
Same Day Service We Operate 7 Days a Week

Benefits of Upholstery Cleaning:

  • Increases the life of your fine leather.
  • Retains its original image and value.
  • Highlights its attractive colour and restores its freshness.
  • Remove stains from sofas no matter how old the stains are.
  • Get rid of odours and various disease causing allergens.
    SK Cleaning Services
    You can feel the difference


SK Cleaning Services aims to clean all your upholstery incluiding :

  • Dining chairs and tables
  • Arm chairs
  • Leather furniture
  • Booth Seats
  • Bar Stools
  • Dental Chairs
  • Sofas And Couches
  • Auto Interiors
  • Boat Interiors
    SK Cleaning Services
    SK upholstery cleaning

We aim to create a long term relationship with our valued customers, we strive to make every customer happy and satisfied with our work. We guarantee to clean your upholstery to complete satisfaction else we will happily return and re-clean for NO extra cost.

100% Money Back Guarantee
SK Cleaning Services

We have team of Qualified and professional Upholstery Cleaners with extensive experience and we offer out services across all Melbourne suburbs and we work 7 days a week.

SK Upholstery Cleaning Jolimont. Call now for a free quote 1300284115

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