Water Damage Restoration Melbourne

At SK Cleaning Services we know very well that water damage restoration has got various levels and classes of water that holds sway in the destruction. The first category involves liquid coming from a clean and more sanitary source, this includes faucets, drinking fountains, and toilet tanks. However, water classified under category one can quickly degenerate into the second category.

In the second category: this type of water is also commonly referred to as grey water, which is  described as containing a certain level of widespread contaminates that have the likelihood of causing illnesses or other discomforts if consumed. Key sources of this type of water include overflows from washing machines or dishwashers, normal flush water from sink drains, as well as toilet overflows with a little urine and no human feces.

Lastly category three constitutes of the worst classification of the most grossly unsanitary water. Kind of water has the potential of causing very severe illnesses or even death if consumed. This kind of water is also known as black water, some of its sources includes sewer backups, flooding occurring from rivers and streams, all sorts of toilet overflows with fecal waste,  and any stagnant water that has increasingly begun to habitably support bacterial growth.